Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve with the Barnetts

We spent the night at Mom and Dad Barnett's so we could enjoy Christmas Eve with them. I was in charge of breakfast and made baked french toast with blueberry sauce (which I must say was scrumptious!), sausages, fresh oranges, and hot chocolate.
Matthew loves Grandpa!
Amber is apparently cleaning out her place and brought over a few Jazz items to hand down to the boys, who were happy recipients. I think one of them took this picture:

Mira and me...just because.

Cutie pie!

And then she wanted to get one of me.

We sat around in the play room and watched the kids do their thing. (Kids here includes Chad.)

Micah loves him a stuffed animal.

Since the kids had to wait until afternoon to open gifts, Mom had a game set up where the kids answered questions about Christmas and got to open a few little gifts. We had fun with that. Thanks, Mom!

Matthew got right into gift-opening. He figured that one out quickly!

Mom took us all out to the movies to see "Tin Tin" and Dad stayed home to take care of Matthew for us. Thanks to both of them for making that time so relaxing! When we got back, we had lunch and then opened gifts. We had a really nice time in North Ogden and thank Mom and Dad Barnett for everything.

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