Friday, December 2, 2011

Colin's Orchestra Concert

Ms. Bonnie Heaton is Colin's orchestra teacher, and he also takes private lessons from her. She is wonderful and always has such great things to say about Colin. He loves taking lessons from her. She's upbeat and positive about everything.
Initially, Colin was going to be in the advanced orchestra, but since Fox Hollow's a new school, there weren't enough students to justify having one. Instead, Ms. Heaton asked Colin if he'd play piano for the beginning orchestra. He was excited to do that. It's a neat opportunity to hone his skills in following the chorister and helping give depth to the orchestra. Plus, he really loves performing. He got to do a solo on his violin, "Swallowtail Jig" (one of his favorites). He told me later, "Mom, it's weird. Even when I'm up there playing in front of everyone, it's almost like I'm just playing at home. I'm only a little bit nervous."

Mom came up to see the concert. Since Chad had a basketball practice he was coaching, I would've been solo. There would have been no way I could've recorded Colin and managed these busy people. I'm so relieved she came. And I know I was pretty much a frazzled mess when she got here...and the whole time. I told her how Chad and I have talked about the need for one of those chauffeur windows in our minivan. You know the kind that you can just roll up to separate you from the chaos in the backseats? Sheesh. But even with all the noise and everything, they're worth it. Sweet little Matthew with his pink goose-egg. He fell 2 times within 5 minutes and smacked his head good and hard. Such is the life of a 17 month old!

Mom and me. Very close up. Thank you, Ella.

And the random shot of Mrs. Claus. Grandma Barnett, the kids are loving the Christmas decorations you gave us!


Maren and Blake said...

Honestly, I am so impressed with Colin. I hope my boys can follow his example of dedication in anything they choose. What a talented young man you are raising.

Kathleen Gundersen said...

You and your mom look so pretty in this picture.