Saturday, December 31, 2011

Don and Cassie Visit

My cousin, Don Rentz, and his wife Cassie, and their kids came to Utah from Casper, Wyoming for a holiday visit. They made time to come down to see us Thursday, which was really nice. We had dinner and then Mom and Dad brought over all the yummy fixings for big banana splits. Here is everyone serving up:
I never did get a proper picture of them.

Pictured here are Kevin, Mira, Ethan, and Colin. (Kevin's in 2nd grade, Ethan's in 7th.)

Hannah's 14 and Sidney's 21 months. You can tell Hannah's a wonderful big sister and just loves little Sidney to bits. As does the whole family. She's pretty cute!

Visiting over ice cream. If you have Miller blood coursing through your veins, this is just part of who you are!

If I ever start to feel like I have a lot expected of me in church, I can easily think of a couple of people. First person is my sis-in-law, Rachel, who serves in several different capacities in her ward in Germany. She is the organist every other month (learning as she goes!), nursery leader, and Activity Day leader. Then Cassie just informed us that she was called to be the early morning seminary teacher in her area. When she explained what this meant to her family's morning schedule, I could hardly believe it. But she's up for the challenge. It requires help from Ethan (getting the two little ones up and going each school morning), and someone to take Hannah across town to high school each morning. Plus, Cassie has to prepare lessons for Monday through Friday. Does she get paid? No. I am amazed at the sacrifices people are willing to make for the gospel. Though it's a different sacrifice than the pioneers made, for me, it is reminiscent. I hope I will be that faithful.

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