Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pinewood Derby Victory!

Last night was the Cub Scout's annual Pinewood Derby. It's always been a fun experience for Colin, building and racing his car. But it can be a little disheartening for him when he's come in one of the slower racers. Chad has tried to find out some insider secrets to getting a faster car. Looks like this year it worked! The dad of last year's racer (who happened to get 1st again this year) gave him a little tip which worked like a charm. As you can see, Colin placed 2nd and Micah came in 7th out of 22 racers. We had a couple of (one in particular) very happy boys!
Here are Colin, Keaton Bussell, and Aidan Sperber.

Micah shows off his gold Pirate racecar he designed.

Micah and Dad; such a solid dad he is, too, solid as gold!

Colin, all revved up for the race.

Colin and Dad

The Cub Scouters and the Dad. Chad told me he didn't sleep well the night before this because of the pressure he was feeling. He didn't want to let the boys down. He'd tried to prep them by reminding them it's all about fun and good sportmanship. But still...

After talking to another mom at the derby, I discovered Chad wasn't the only dad stressing over it. Apparently there have been a few restless nights for several dads in the neighborhood.

I trekked over with Matthew and the girls. It was perfect because the girls ran around, playing tag and having fun with other friends while the derby was going on. I got to chase around Matthew. There were a couple of other children just Matthew's age there, too. But I promise you Matthew was the busiest! It was neat to be able to follow him around and see things through his eyes. He is into turning on and off light switches, drinking out of fountains, and checking out other little kids. It was fun.

We couldn't sign off on this post until we shouted out a great big "THANK YOU!" to Grandpa Barnett.


Maren and Blake said...

Chad is such a good dad, nerves and all. I am proud of the boys. When it gets time for us to join this club, we will have to call for all the secrets. Braden is one sore loser.

Marsha said...

I'm glad the tip worked and bet Chad had a well deserved sleep that night. I hope the dad of the boy who came in 22nd doesn't beat himself up too much...