Monday, December 26, 2011

Some Favorite Gifts

Well this is a toughie, naming favorite gifts. They still have some they haven't really explored. They received some lovely books and activities that are waiting for them. But I asked them to name a few of their (so far) favorites.

Micah: DSi XL (pictured below) and his penguin pillow pet.
The boys had made up their lists about a month before Christmas and I was hesitant about the handheld game systems. I've seen other kids get lost in them, and I can see how they lose hours at a time playing games. But, I must say, they can be pretty wonderful. We took them in our car driving to Grandma's and Grandpa's and we hardly heard a peep out of them. Chad and I could actually visit. It makes the 11 hour drive to Washington (and other trips) seem within our reach.

Since the boys were getting that, we wanted the girls to have something that could keep them entertained in the same way. After some research, we decided on the Leap Frog Explorer. It was a great buy. For the past 2 days, we've pretty much let them bury their noses in their systems and figure it all out. It's been a quieter couple of days than any other Christmastime I've ever known with kids.

It made it on Ella's "favorites" list.

Mira is also enjoying her Explorer. Her dragon Pillow Pet and her sparkly red shoes are also a couple of favorites.

Ella got a zebra Pillow Pet. These things are so adorable and snuggly. The girls have decided they no longer want regular pillows to lay their heads on. Here Ella is sharing her sandwich with her zebra.

The girls got these awesome framed pictures they help create. They peel off sparkly stickers to add to the picture. Once they're completed, they can be displayed in their room. Very girly they love them!

Yes, our children are becoming zombies. Here they are playing a new Wii game. If you want a zombie child, simply add one electronic device. I am sure it works for adults as well.

Can you spot the toddler?

Bubble bath was tucked into stockings. Here the girls are, with literally half the bottle in their bath. But did they have fun!

Micah, the proud owner of a black DSi XL. He has spent much time playing Super Scribblenauts. He'll pellet us with questions like, "Mom and Dad, if a jaguar is hungry and likes spots, what should I give him?" or "What do I give a leprechaun to make him happy?" I have no idea what these questions mean and I my best answer and I get a look like I just said the most ridiculous thing.

Last night, after the kids went to bed, I turned on their DSi's and gave them a whirl. I had no idea what I was doing, or how the game works. I lasted about 3 minutes and gave up. I guess I need my 8 year-old to walk me through it.

And our little freshly-bathed Matthew. Then we buckled him into his high chair, gave him some "Snow Balls" (strange, cheddar flavored puffs), and he went to town. Shoulda thought twice about that. No longer a freshly-bathed boy.

Colin wanted to stack up his stash for the picture. His #1 favorite gift was, of course, the DSi XL. He also loves his new tennis racquet and juggling balls.

Now the boys are in bed, reading the Guinness Book of World Records and the 3-D I Spy book. The girls are listening to books on CD from the library, and Matthew's long gone. Chad heads back to work bright and early tomorrow. We sure enjoyed these few days of indulgence and relaxation!

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Maren and Blake said...

What excited kids. I didn't realize this was the year for gaming systems. You will have to talk me through this in a couple of years. I hope this makes their 11 hour drive more manageable, because you have some family up north who are eager to play.

P.S. I LOVE the picture of Matthew in his crib. What a doll.