Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Arrow of Light for Colin

Tonight Colin received his Arrow of Light at the Cub Scout pack meeting. Even though all the boys there were rambunctious and rather silly (what's new?), it was a special moment. Colin was asked if he promises to continue to follow the Cub Scout promise and motto throughout his life. Brother Brough dressed up as Akela and asked him these questions, painted his face, and gave him his arrow.
Mira was very interested in all the paint Colin was getting on his face. Matthew was fascinated by the candles.

Here he is, pinning the arrow of light pin on me. He even gave Chad and me hugs while people were watching! Thank you, sweetie.

Meeting the Boy Scout leaders on the other side of the bridge. In May, Colin will be an 11 year-old Scout. Thanks to his dad for taking the lead with all things scouting!


Mike & Alicia Miller said...

Colin we,re so proud of you!! I remember when your Uncle Doug and Uncle Chris received their Arrow of Light. Makes me feel nostalgic and so happy for you.
Grandma Miller

Maren and Blake said...

This is great. Boy Scout is a great program and really will shape our boys to become great men. Way to go Colin! I look forward to you getting your Eagle.