Friday, January 20, 2012

Cousin Michael's University Hunt

My cousin from Santa Cruz, Michael Finelli, came for a visit while on a tour of various universities in the west. He says he loves the rocky mountains and would love to attend school around here. He's looking at Kinesiology at the University of Utah. He's so brave, driving around solo, stopping here and there along the way. No fear for this one. I love it!
We just loved having him stay. The last time we saw Michael was when we vacationed in Santa Cruz about 6 years ago. The kids latched on to him right away. He was so sweet with them, asking them questions and whatnot. I was actually surprised at how quickly they became attached. Every morning, when he left for the day, the kids were concerned they wouldn't get to see him anymore. Ella sidled right up next him on the couch--our reserved little Ella.

Mom wanted to make it over to visit with Michael before he headed off to his next destination. It was neat hearing some stories she recalled from growing up with his dad, Cousin Chris.

Micah was happy to give up his room for Michael, and we loved feeding him. He is a personable young man, so easy to have around. We enjoyed watching a couple of sporting events in the evenings together. He really never sat still for long, always playing around with a ball or stretching out. (Perfect for kinesiology!) We wish him the best on his quest to find the right school, and if he ends up here, lucky us!

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Maren and Blake said...

How fun! I am sure it wasn't hard for the kids to fall in love with him. he seems like a great guy. I hear UoU is great for anything science oriented.