Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ella's Tea Party Birthday

Miss Ella-Bella decided on a tea party birthday. She'd originally requested a cake in the shape of a teacup, but I felt that was pressing my cake-assembling abilities past their limits. We settled on a place setting on top of a tablecloth:
The morning of her birthday, she excitedly opened her gifts (before Dad and Micah had to leave for an 8am basketball game). She was most giddy over her Tiana (Princess and the Frog) toys.

Ella wanted to invite her friends to wear attire appropriate for a tea party. All the girls looked so pretty. Once all her friends arrived, we played "Tea Party Bingo." I'd made up the game pieces. I don't know why I did this to myself. It was so much work, they ended up being kind of difficult to work with, and in the end, it would've been easier to just do a simple no-frills bingo game. But still, they enjoyed it.

Mr. Matthew gettin' around!

After Bingo, we put on the tea (hot chocolate). Mira quickly reminded me, "Mom! You forgot the tablecloth!" Oh dear, can't forget that. The girls are all showing how they are so fancy, holding their teacups with their pinkies up.

We then served up a berry smoothie that Ella had seen in a tea party book. It sure did look pretty. And they loved it with the fancy straws.

Matthew wasn't about to let us get away without him getting his own hot chocolate and smoothie.

The girls played Musical Chairs, and then it was time for gift-opening.
Here is Ella with her schoolmate, Ryan Pace:

Thankfully, Mom came up to help out with the party. Chad, Mom, and I worked well together. Mom skillfully took over food prep and cleanup. Chad took on Matthew and games. I kind of ran around doing whatever was leftover. It was perfect. Thanks, Mom!

Ella and Sarah Starley

Schoolmate Leah Homer

Cassidy Anglin

Lilly DeWitt

Ashlynn Hanna

Paige Harris


Makenna Anderson

Ailie and Kaylie Skowronek

Chad, helping out

We love our birthday girl.

The next day, Matthew and Colin sat on the couch together, looking back on videos from Ella's birthday. How sweet is this? I told Colin that one day, Matthew will look back on this picture and see how much his big brother loved him. Colin's so kind and attentive to him.


Liz said...

Sarah had so much fun at the party, you were great hosts! :) Seven seems so big to me. She'll be getting baptized in a year. How exciting!

Marsha said...

Nicole, we should have had more parties in college. Thinking back, was it you who came up with the disco party idea?

Maren and Blake said...

What a cute party and an especially cute cake. You are so good at cake making and I am sure you could have done a tea cup, but I love this one even more. Happy Birthday Ms. Ella Bella.