Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Just Plain Cute

I don't know that Colin (or Chad, for that matter) will appreciate being called cute, but take a look at them and tell me they aren't! Last night they headed to a Jazz game. (More of those to come!) The boys always get excited to go with Dad. Chad did a test run with the girls to the free scrimmage game several weeks ago, but he quickly discovered they were not "there" yet. Maybe next year...? We'll see. The homies.

As far as the girls go, we can tell already that Mira will enjoy participating in Junior Jazz when she hits kindergarten. She's displayed some nice athletic ability along with some interest in sports. We're still trying to figure out what would be up Ella's alley. Ella opted out of dance this year, which is fine, but we'd like to encourage her to be involved in something. She recently mentioned she'd like to be in choir. We'll give that a go when it starts up again at her school. Mostly, she's content to play quietly in her room, look at books, or play pretend with friends or siblings. It so interesting to see how different each child is, and to help them cultivate their talents. It's a joy to be along for their journeys.


Amber said...

I like Colin's shirt. I wonder where he got it. :)

Maren and Blake said...

It will be fun to see what each of the kids comes to love and devote their teen years to. Hopefully not isolated to one sport. I like that your kids are well rounded. What great examples you and Chad are. Hopefully Blake and I don't screw it up.