Saturday, February 25, 2012

Micah's Party

Today was the much-anticipated party for Micah. He'd asked me to make a cake so that it was set up like a Quidditch match since he had the Lego set he could put on top. I'm just glad my nine year-old has forgiving standards when it comes to his cake!

Since he got his Lego Hogwarts castle last week, he's spent several days putting it together. Here it is in its completion:

For the party, we had a few activities. This on was "Snapes Potions Class." We mixed together some curious ingredients for a bubbling result.

We also had gourmet jelly beans which the kids sampled and guessed which disgusting category they belonged in. Examples of categories: bugblood, mermaid slime, beetle juice, barf, snot, ear wax, and so forth. (Hope we didn't gross you out too much!)

The last activity was a "Boggart Race." Our Boggart was a mummy, so the kids were in a few different teams and raced to see which team could wrap their mummy in tp the fastest. Here are Micah, Jason, and Logan:
Ethan, Cooper, and Caleb:

Ashley, Colin, Ella, and Orion: Jack, Kade, and Kobe:

Gift opening was fun. Here is Micah with each of his friends. Cooper Hutchinson:

Ethan Rugg:

Jackson Pearce:

Ashley Skowronek:

Jason Davies:

Caleb Anglin:

Orion Badger:
Kade Brown:

Kobe Anderson:

Logan Ervin:

Ella and Ashley eagerly awaiting their cake and ice cream:

Playing Indoors

This morning we discovered a great use for this bin. Round and round the kitchen we go! I pushed the girls and Matthew, then they pushed each other. And of course we made "choo-choo!" sounds as we went.
The kids told me I needed a picture of this:

Matthew is branching out in his eating, thank goodness. He's eaten peanut butter on bread a couple of times now. He asked for a piece of cheese today, too. He usually takes a little taste and then gives it back. But today he actually ingested a couple of little bites. Keep it up, buddy!

And this is Matthew's favorite spot in the world right now: the most precarious spot on the countertop. He flips the faucet off and on about a million times. He "helps" wash dishes. I just don't want him to get the hang of pulling the faucet out and spraying the entire kitchen. But he has so much fun, I let him have at it for a while.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Micah's Birthday-Day

We were down to a week before Micah's birthday party and we all knew I needed to get down to business. Since he's doing Harry Potter, we wanted to do an invitation in that theme. However, not wanting to purchase invitations and being out of printer ink leaves one with few choices. After cruising around online, I got a great idea! "Owls!"
I burnt up the edges of paper and then wrote the message:

"Dear So-and-So, We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted as a guest to Micah Barnett's Harry Potter birthday party. Students will be required to attend Saturday, February 25th, 1:30-3:00. All students must bring: 1. One wizard's wand, 2. An owl or a cat or a toad. Sincerely, Albus P.W.B. Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall"Micah woke up Monday, which just so happened to be President's Day, therefore a day off school and work! Look at that happy face. So sweet.

He was thrilled beyond belief that he got the Lego Hogwarts Castle. He's working on it in stages. It's a big project and he's loving it. Chad surprised him with a day out to eat lunch, 5 entire hours at Boondocks, and a Jazz game. What a day! I expected him to come home that night exhausted, but he was still excited about the day. He said it was the best day of his life.

Here are some things that make our Micah special:

*He is sympathetic with his friends and siblings when they are sad or hurt

*He is reading the Harry Potter series for the second time through! He loves it and would be happy to spend hours on his bed with his book.

*Micah is working on a notebook full of his own Super Mario World

*He enjoys going to our back field to explore and help collect "stuff" with Colin: an old couch, used construction name it!

*He likes to tease his parents about the fact that he has a crush on someone. In turn, Chad loves to tease him about the Jazz's NuSkin dancers when they go to games.

*He enjoys playing with boys as well as girls and has some nice friends

*He is in the great position in our family so that he and Colin have fun playing and discovering together, but he can also have a great time with his younger sisters playing

*He is really becoming responsible with practicing piano on his own. Most times, I don't even have to tell him he needs to do it, he'll go down on his own and try his best.

*He loves participating in Cub Scouts

*At bedtime, he will tell his parents the most heartfelt "I love you" in the world. Then he always wants a genuine hug. (And perhaps a kiss.)

*He is proud to invite his friends to church and has done so on numerous occasions.

We love you Micah, and are so glad you are ours.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


When someone asks, "What's new?" I don't know how to respond. On one hand, it seems like every week is the same routine of taking kids to school and lessons, taking myself to the gym, cleaning house, preparing meals, and so on. On the other hand, there are always new things the kids are doing and saying to keep life interesting.
I've just been pretty busy doing what needs to be done, honestly. So here I am, playing catch up with some pictures that have been taken in the past couple of weeks.
Chad likes to take advantage of every activity offered for Jazz season ticket holders. This time he took the boys to a "meet the players" event. They got a picture with a couple of players, a NuSkin dancer (Chad liked to tease them about that), and the coach.
This one is funny to me for a couple of reasons. #1 Matthew has not one, but two suckers in his mouth, and #2 Mira going through the ward directory trying to find a friend who is free to play. She called the same friend twice and left sweet messages that go something like this, "Hi... (I whisper, "Say, 'This is Mira') This is Mira. Can Beau play today? If she can, you can call me back please. I want to play with Beau. Bye!"

Lovely, I know.

The kids got to go to this Jazz player appearance since they played Junior Jazz. Chad took along a couple of neighbor friends, Orion and Natalie. Devin Harris was there.

Colin in a relay

Orion, Natalie, Micah, and Tyler

Micah turns 9 tomorrow! I can't believe how the time goes. He's been treated to a couple of outings from both sets of grandparents. Tomorrow he wakes up to a few nice surprises. He's been wanting a Harry Potter themed birthday party. We made some pretty cool invitations that I'll post soon.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Micah's Basketball Game

Here's a little clip of Micah passing the ball in, getting a rebound, and passing it. These boys are so fun to watch.

Spare Time

Ella has been checking out her new birthday toys this week. Her friends got her some nice things, one of which was this Lego kit. I had no idea they made any especially for girls. This was perfect for Ella. She was able to follow the directions and put it together all on her own. She was quite proud of her accomplishment.

Toybox=bed? Mira thought so this night.

Since Chad was at a Jazz game, I decided brownies were in order. Matthew helped me mix the batter. He was very into it. If I tried to pry the mixing spoon out of his hand, he let me have it! (And by that I don't mean he handed over the spoon.)