Saturday, February 25, 2012

Micah's Party

Today was the much-anticipated party for Micah. He'd asked me to make a cake so that it was set up like a Quidditch match since he had the Lego set he could put on top. I'm just glad my nine year-old has forgiving standards when it comes to his cake!

Since he got his Lego Hogwarts castle last week, he's spent several days putting it together. Here it is in its completion:

For the party, we had a few activities. This on was "Snapes Potions Class." We mixed together some curious ingredients for a bubbling result.

We also had gourmet jelly beans which the kids sampled and guessed which disgusting category they belonged in. Examples of categories: bugblood, mermaid slime, beetle juice, barf, snot, ear wax, and so forth. (Hope we didn't gross you out too much!)

The last activity was a "Boggart Race." Our Boggart was a mummy, so the kids were in a few different teams and raced to see which team could wrap their mummy in tp the fastest. Here are Micah, Jason, and Logan:
Ethan, Cooper, and Caleb:

Ashley, Colin, Ella, and Orion: Jack, Kade, and Kobe:

Gift opening was fun. Here is Micah with each of his friends. Cooper Hutchinson:

Ethan Rugg:

Jackson Pearce:

Ashley Skowronek:

Jason Davies:

Caleb Anglin:

Orion Badger:
Kade Brown:

Kobe Anderson:

Logan Ervin:

Ella and Ashley eagerly awaiting their cake and ice cream:


Maren and Blake said...

So cute and you are a great cake decorator. Your parties are always so much fun. I want you to plan my next birthday. Maybe in 2 years when I turn 30. The kiddos are cute and you can tell Micah has some great friends.

Marsha said...

Seriously, I think party planner could be in your future. Love these games and that was an amazing cake!