Thursday, April 12, 2012

April Fool's

Boy, this was just about another April Fool's Day gone by without notice...until someone (a 10 year-old who will remain nameless) decided to pull all the pranks he'd been learning about in how-to books over the course of the past 3 years. The first one I found was on Chad's and my bathroom mirror, which read, "Objects in mirror are older than they appear!" That was pretty cute. Then, come to find out when I began brushing my teeth, he'd applied a generous amount of hand soap on our toothbrushes. Let me tell you, that flavor remains even after a good rinsing off. There was prank after prank. At some point, the doorbell rang, and the only thing found on the front porch was a note to the girls from some mysterious fairy, which they were told they could catch after first doing a few things. The girls wised up pretty quickly (after confirming that Angelina the Fairy was probably a hoax). At the back door was left this note for the boys:
"if you are thinking. are worlaks real. here is some informashin. they are real." That cracked me up. Did they buy it?

And just some random pics someone took when they got a hold of the camera:



Maren and Blake said...

So cute. My girlfriend always play happy practical jokes on her kids. I think it's fun and plan on doing it next year. Maybe I should call a certain (Then 11 year old) to give me ideas.

Marsha said...

Remember the year I hid my alarm clock under Gina's bed and she hid her alarm under mine? I still have a vivid memory of you laughing very hard about this...