Saturday, April 14, 2012

Our Top Reader

Micah got a big surprise last week. The Jazz Bear came to his school as a reward and incentive for reading. (One of the dads at the school works for the Jazz.) Micah had done a lot of reading and was called out, along with one child per class, to be recognized as a top reader. The Bear hoisted a very excited Micah onto his shoulders. When I picked the kids up from school that, day, I was bombarded with enthusiastic descriptions of Micah's moment with the Bear, and the whole assembly. And Micah does deserve the reward. That boy has been a reading maniac! It started a while back with "The Magic Tree House" series, and he's recently gone through the Harry series twice. Now he's into the Percy Jackson series, and is almost finished with that.
This has caused a bit of contention between Colin and Micah, though. I think Colin's over it now, but for a while there, he would insist Micah could not read ahead of him in the Percy Jackson series. He was appalled at the thought of his younger brother beating him to the finish. We explained to him that this was not a competition between the two of them. Colin himself is an avid reader, but his interest in reading seems to lie with nonfiction (correct me if I'm wrong, Colin). He devours how-to books, "Boys' Book of..." books, etc. At bedtime, both those boys are on their beds with a book, begging for more time when it's light's out. We're proud of both of them!
Speaking of reading, I can't go on without mentioning Ella's reading. She's one of the better readers in her class, her teacher reports. And Mira has been taking home little books that she's been learning to read. She'll be more than ready for kindergarten next year!

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Marsha said...

That's great! I love that photo (and reading) so much.