Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pullman Easter Sunday

Sunday morning we were up and getting ready for Blake and Maren's stake conference. We had time for the kids to run around, searching for their baskets. Matthew was happy with his little Matchbox cars:





I think Colin was questioning whether he even got an Easter basket because the Easter Bunny had hidden it in the garage.


Chocolate bunnies, yummy!

Colin, Mira, Chad, Matthew, Ella, Braden, Micah:

Colin, Mira, Ella, Micah. I love these guys!

Matthew wasn't going for it.

We tried getting a family photo. We tried doing a silly one first to get out the goofiness:

Well, it's us anyway!

Matthew had heard a lot about his new baby cousin, Hunter. He loved hearing the story about how Aunt Maren had a big belly, Hunter got sqeezed out (Matthew would squeeze his own head), and now here he is! So here he is, pretty enthralled with this new little person.

That afternoon was just beautiful, and Maren and I took the kids (minus the two little ones) to the park adjacent to their neighborhood. The kids had a fantastic time running around being ninjas, climbing trees, hopping around, throwing rocks in the pond, gathering sticks, etc. Even though Braden's 4, he has a great imagination, and they all got into it together. My kids just loved the whole thing.

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