Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pullman Friday

We just got back from a great trip to eastern Washington where some of our lovely family reside. The kids did great during the 11-hour drive. We arrived to a hot dinner Maren had cooked up for us. After a semi-decent night's sleep (I think it was the next morning all the kids decided to wake up at 5:30 and make their presence known), we headed over to the Palouse Discovery Science Center. It is like a Children's Discoverey Gateway on a smaller scale. They had a lot packed in that building, something for all ages. The Palouse region is known for growing lentils, hence the huge sandbox full of lentils Matthew had so much fun playing in:
Magic Mirror with Micah and Ella (and Chad):

Miss Mira:

Colin trying out some gyroscope-type experiment:

There was a room full of reptiles and mammals. Pretty cool!

Ella tried her hand at setting up a course for the ball to roll through:
Braden, Micah, and Mira cooperating and hard at play:
Brody allowed me to take his picture, munching on pretzels and shooting baskets:

We lucked out, as they had a bunch of activities lined up. Mira gets a turn racing balloons:
Ella and Matthew learning about the size difference between the planets. (Really, though, we just played with the play-doh!)

Matthew's all time favorite activity, climbing onto elevated objects, having you count to three, jumping off. Again and again.

Coloring time! Braden and Mira getting fancy with the crayons:

That evening we swam at the local pool, along with 1/2 the city's families, and went on an underwater easter egg hunt (eggs filled with rocks). Although it was crowded and the adults mainly kept vigilant watch over the kids, it was fun.

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