Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pullman Saturday

Easter egg hunt, baby! We don't normally go in for city sponsored easter egg hunts, but Pullman put on a good one, I gotta say. We got to the park just as they were getting close to letting the kids loose. We had enough time to get in a couple of pictures. L-R: Matthew, Brody, Micah, Ella, Mira, Colin, Braden:
Getting the kids to cooperate all at the same time is a tall order. We take what we can get!

We spotted Mr. Easter Bunny and the girls got a cute picture with him. They timidly felt his fur to see just how soft he was.

The hunt was divided up into different age categories, which was nice. Matthew was young enough that he was allowed to have some assistance from Daddy-O. He knew what he was going for, though. No help needed!
Cute little Mira, ready for pickin'!

Chad and Matthew, with the loot:

Darn, my camera is on the fritz and decided to be uncooperative. But I still have to post this fuzzy picture:

Another totally fuzzy one, but this is when we returned to Blake and Maren's for our own little Easter egg hunt. Colin expertly hid the eggs.

Checkin' out the stash:
Brody with a little help from Dad:

Okay, repetitive, I know. But I just have to include them all. L-R: Ella, Braden, Brody, Micah, Colin, Matthew, Mira:

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