Sunday, May 27, 2012

Busy Day at School

I think this was the first time I've taken the bus with all the schoolkids on a field trip. All I can say is WOW. And possibly OUCH. A new definition of torture, perhaps? I sat toward the back of the bus, which, I should have remembered from my own school days, is where all the noisy boys sit. As soon as we were on the bus, the chaos ensued. They were good about staying in their seats, but the noise level was out of this world! I thought, "Surely they'll calm down after a few minutes." Not so. It took about 30 minutes to reach our destination (the city landfill), and they were going strong the entire way. At one point, a couple of the kids literally had a screaming match. I had to go to my happy place inside my head. Finally, the bus was coming up to a red light, and I took my cue and headed up to the front to take haven with the other adults. You can see Micah with his buddies. I was in charge of making sure six kids didn't get lost or into trouble. The adults weren't too thrilled with the idea of a field trip to the landfill, but I was actually looking forward to it. What does happen with our garbage, recycling, and green waste? Did you know that each person produces an average of 5.5 pounds of garbage per day? And most of what it taken to the landfill are items that are easily recycled. It was a good reminder.
 We returned from the field trip and I stayed on to visit in Ella's classroom. She was in the middle of her French class, and I was able to help sort papers for the teacher. Ella soon had to leave for her choir concert. She's been participating in choir since the new year and has really loved it. The director is talented and has a beautiful voice. They've been learning patriotic songs for Memorial Day. They performed in front of the school. It was really great. Here is my darling Ella:
 Ella, next to her friend, Leah, and others.
 Ella begged me to stay for recess. She and her little girlfriends were so excited! (It doesn't take much!) We went out, and I quickly became the most popular person because I was giving free helicopter rides. But, boy, was I dizzy! And then I did a few cartwheels with the girls and Ella said, "Mom, I never knew you were so fun!" (Is that a good thing?) I'm so glad I got to spend time with Micah and Ella. Thanks to Mom for making that possible by taking care of Mira and Matthew all day long. What a treat for me.


Marsha said...

I think you'd have to pay me to be trapped in a bus with school children. I think this just makes you a shoo-in for the title for Mother of the Year!

Babelicious said...

Holy Cow!! I haven't looked at your blog in a while. Your kids look so grown-up!! Way to go on the 1/2 marathon! You look so much like your mom in the mothers day photo. You must have an amazing mother because YOU are an amazing mother!!