Saturday, May 5, 2012

IDM Friends

Friday we had some friends over for dinner. It had been two years since we were last together. There was a lot of catching up to do. Ella and Baily Hincks were best buds within minutes.
 Truman, Eve, Dexter, Graham, Laura, and Sitota Gundersen got right into the mix. They were all lively and fun. The kids had a great evening together.
 Mira, "I want to see the pictures!"
 Colin, trying to run away.
 Bret, Sitota, and Kathleen Gundersen:
 Emily and Mike Hincks:
Kathleen and I served together for one great month in Bangor, Northern Ireland. Emily and I were comps in Bangor for my last 4 months. They served together as companions, and both of their husbands were in the IDM, and I served in districts with both of them. All four of them really terrific people.

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