Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

Yesterday was a wonderful day with my mom. She came up, along with my dad, as well as Chad's parents and sister. (I should've taken pictures.) They went to church with us, sat through Primary while I did Singing Time, and then had a meal back at home. (It was lovely to sit next to my mom during Relief Society while Chad did Singing Time in Senior Primary for me, thank you, Sweets.) I grilled up salmon and shrimp, we had corn on the cob, watermelon, brown rice, and garlic bread. For dessert we had a lovely Strawberry Cheesecake Trifle.

As far as moms go, I did rather well for myself (if I had any say in that!). Mom is selfless and thoughtful. She, along with Dad, gave us a wonderful childhood. She's always looking out for us, even her children are in their 30's. If there's anything she can do, you don't have to ask twice. In fact, many times, you don't even have to ask. She just anticipates. She is gracious and kind to people around her. What a gem we have in her. Love you, Mom!


Marsha said...

Wow! You look a lot like your mom.

Mike & Alicia Miller said...

Thanks sweetie for the kind words and tribute. YOU are a treasure to me. You will always be my own sweet beautiful daughter. Love, love, love you! Mom