Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Ogden (Half) Marathon

This was the first time I'd ever run in an official race of some sort (if you're not counting 5th grade track, ha ha). It was a daunting goal to set, but I knew if so many others did it, then I could, too.
 Yes, I am one of "those" people who has to wear some sort of sweat band. It's either that, or have sweat pouring into my eyes the entire race. So I give up looks for convenience, oh well.
 Above, Chad and I are at the starting line (Chad's in the blue, I'm right behind him). It didn't stay that way for more than a minute. Chad came in a full 20 minutes before I did.
 Here he is, running strong. Sadly for him, he was dealing with gastrointestinal issues the whole time. He had to run through cramping and queasiness the whole time. But he ended up getting his best 1/2 marathon time he's ever had. I know he wonders how much better it would've been if he'd been feeling 100%.
 Dad surprised us and met us as we came out of Ogden Canyon, heading toward the riverfront. There were just a few miles left at this point, where it started getting harder. Seeing Dad there gave me a little mental push.

 Somehow I thought I looked so much better running, but I should've known better! The majority of the run was spectacular and I felt great. The views were amazing and it was encouraging to be running around so many others, doing the same thing. I ran by one man in his 60's, pushing his adult son in a wheelchair. That was amazing and told me you can do more than you think, as long as you're motivated.
 Right by the finish line were Janna, Alan, Amber, Colin, Ella, and Matthew. I gave a passing wave of the arm when I saw them. It was all I could do to push myself across the finish line. That last mile was pretty difficult. When we were all reunited, I saw a sign Alan had made that read "Go Mom and Dad. We Love You!" with balloons attached. Very sweet.

After all was said and done, I realized the hardest part o f running the 1/2 marathon was the training for it. It's certainly not something you can decide to run the day of. It takes consistent, concerted effort to achieve it. And it all culminated on this day. It was a great feeling, running through beautiful Ogden Canyon, knowing that I would complete it due to my planning and preparation. I think I kind of got the running bug. I didn't love the training, but the actual running of the race was inspiring and made me want to do it again very soon.


Maren and Blake said...

I couldn't be a more proud sister. You rock my world and I know 5 little kids (plus an additional 3) who you inspire through your hard work, dedication and follow through. I hope you keep up the running. After seeing the pictures, the only thing I can really say is, how the heck did Chad wear a long sleeve shirt? I would be dying within a matter of minutes.

P.S. You do look amazing. Isn't it great when you see people you love. They totally give you the motivation you need to pick it up and move on.

Marsha said...

I. AM. SO. IMPRESSED! Awesome job to both of you.

Liz said...

Congratulations, that is a great accomplishment! I like the head gear and think it adds style. :)