Saturday, May 5, 2012


Last year we had such a great time at the Scout-O-Rama, we wanted to be sure to make it there again this year. I trailed the girls, while Chad took on the boys. We split the difference with Matthew. The girls enjoyed a rope swing and...I don't know what to call the other thing they did.

 Look at Ella's grin! Love it.
 They were into it all. If they found something they liked, they wanted to do it over and over. But the South Towne Expo Center is huge and there was no way we'd get to a lot of it. Here are the girls trying their best to get across a "bridge".
 The girls did leatherwork
 Even Matthew wanted to make something. These days, his favorite color is yellow. I don't know if that's because it's fun to say, or he can easily recognize it, but he was thrilled to have a bracelet with yellow beads.
 Chad took pictures with his phone, so these are the only ones I have of them with my camera, but they did some neat things. I mean, for $5 per family, it's amazing, all the activities that are available!