Monday, June 25, 2012

Fifth Grade Talent Show and Croquet

Toward the end of school, the fifth grade teachers organized a talent show. There was quite a variety: breakdancing, modern dance, singing, jumprope, piano, lipsynch, etc. Colin invited his piano teacher and two others to perform the 8 hand piano duet of "Stars and Stripes Forever," which they'd practiced for another event. It's a difficult piece, and they did great. Here are Libby and Colin, focused on their parts:
His teacher, Denise Mathews (left) and Jackie:
Micah had been growing out his hair, hoping to be ready to go as Frodo Baggins (from Lord of the Rings) for Halloween. It got to a point where I just couldn't stand it anymore and we had to cut the back and sides. It's a huge improvement. The top of his hair is still longer, however, as demonstrated by his fauxhawk:
 One evening, for family game night, we went into the backyard for a fierce game of croquet. (Not!) Matthew's too cute for his own good!
 Adorable Ella:
 Chad explained the rules:
 Some people take this game very seriously:
 Others are just working on the skills:
Of course, Dad ended up winning. There were threats of dissent by other members, but we made it through in one piece. That's a good little game.