Saturday, July 21, 2012

Barnett Reunion

I am playing some major catch up here after having been out of town for three weeks. I'm working my way through June and July. Here we are, at the end of June with Blake and Maren coming to visit. The big day for us was Lagoon. Grandma and Grandpa even came and helped out a lot with the little ones. That was a treat for us. It was roasting boiling hot but we didn't let it hinder the fun. We came prepared with food (minus the tuna fish I'd forgotten back home in the fridge).
 Chad, Mira, Micah, Amber, and Colin immediately head off for the big rides. Not wasting a moment.
 Blake with a carefully inquisitive Brody.
 Ella's first time on The Bat. She was so proud of herself! She's been working her way up to the bigger rides. Not one to be pushed into anything, she'll decide when she's good and ready to progress. This day she not only did the bat, but JetStar and Bombora, too! She's thinking next time it may be Centennial Screamer. Go Ella!
 Colin, Amber, Mira, and Chad waiting in line for Bombora. Such excitement! Fun for the kids to share it with Aunt Amber.
 Micah talking to Ella about how she's going to love Bombora for the first time.
 Micah (and Colin)

 Back in kiddie land, here are Matthew and Brody on Moonraker. Boy, did Matthew hate this one. As soon as it started picking up speed, I looked over and saw his face. I guess the terror is contagious, because Brody started in on it too. Poor boy in the front seat couldn't enjoy his ride.
 We five (myself included) went on the Choo-Choo Train for Matthew. He talks about this more than anything else at Lagoon.

 He just doesn't like the loud whistle. (Here he reminds me a little of Colin as a toddler.)
 Me and my sweeties.
 The first time Matthew went on the carousel he didn't like the up and down motion. We got him on one that stayed put and he was happy.
 It's always a big deal to get on the carousel as quickly as possible and pick the cutest animal you can find.
 Very happy!
 Guess who doesn't want his picture taken? I can usually convince him to let me when I remind him that one day his kids will see these and doesn't he want his kids to see the things he did? Didn't work this time.
 The group taking a breather.
 Brody and Blake:
 Braden and Amber:
 Mr. Matthew:

 Who cares about the rides when I can play at the water fountain?
 Little Hunter was a trooper in the heat all day (and night) long.
 We'd promised the kids that we would pull out the tent and let them sleep outside with the cousins. So that night we did a campfire with S'mores which are always a winner.
 We just really love having Blake and Maren over. They're so easy to have and are fun to be around.
 I am not sure what Ella, Mira, and Braden were up to, but they were sure being creative and entertained themselves for a long time.
 Braden showing me something...
 I love these pictures:

 Uncle Blake so kindly shared his S'more with the little boys.

 Maren and cutie pie Hunter (who wasn't feeling too happy)
 I loved having them here and they're welcome to come absolutely anytime and stay as long as their hearts desire. They're keepers.
As far as the campout in the tent, one by one the kids came in at nighttime. All except Braden and Colin. Braden finally came in during the wee hours of the morning. Colin was zonked out there all night long. We'll have to try it again next time with all the cousins.


Maren and Blake said...

Honestly, we LOVED coming and realize we don't see you guys nearly enough.

Marsha said...

I am going to Lagoon this weekend and am very excited, thanks to this post. There seem to be a lot of new rides. Can't wait.