Saturday, July 21, 2012

FIsh Farm

Thanks to Mom and Dad Barnett, Amber, Blake and Maren and my friend SungHee, the kids were well cared for while I was away for a few days. The Barnetts took all the kids to the North Ogden fish farm. Since I wasn't there, I'm going to "borrow" the info from Maren's blog. (Thanks, Maren!)
 And Mr. Colin. Oh how I love this young man. And young man he is. He is so helpful and sweet. I am sure he can be a handful for his parents at times, but I sure love him.
 After a little exploration, the fishing began. Grandma and Grandpa said each kid could catch 2 fish. We started with the oldest and worked our way down. Colin at work. Both of his fish were big.

Ms. Ella.

This was our last day with the cousins, so they all played. It's fun to see how much my boys love their cousins. Right now they tend to fight over who gets to do anything with Braden (play, sit, eat, etc). I am sure that will wear off or at least I hope it does because Braden thinks he the King.

Brody and Matthew finally recognized each other on this trip. Every once in awhile they were caught playing with each other. I look forward to seeing their relationship develop. Kissing goodbye.
 Mr. Matthew. He loved it.

Then there was Micah. He also snatched some big ones.

And Mira. It took a little while for Mira to catch hers, but it was worth the wait. The fish kept getting loose as she was pulling them out.

And here's all the fish. We came home and Grandpa fried them up. Unfortunately, me and my boys aren't huge fish eaters. Everyone else loved them.

I'm so thankful for good family and friends. Thank you for taking such good care of my children and for making great memories with them.

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