Friday, July 27, 2012

Getting Started In Cabo

So, the day we arrived, we were so stoked to get out and do something. Doug, Chad, and I borrowed some snorkeling equipment and headed right down to the beach. I have never before snorkeled, and was a little unsure. But Douggie led the way and once we were in the water, it was so refreshing. The waves were strong, and we didn't get close to any rocks or reef in order to see any fish, but it was good to get the feel of things. We really just bobbed in the waves and visited...and tried not to lose equipment!The next day we booked spots on a boat that would head out to the famous arch at Land's End. This is where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez at the Baja California Sur Peninsula. Although it was a long, hot walk to the marina, the boat tour totally paid off.
 Wind in our hair, ocean views--wonderful!

 This is a really popular place. This was a huge cruise boat that apparently made port here.
 The arch. (Try getting a picture without other boats in it.)

 It really is so beautiful. The shifting of bluegreen colors as you come closer to the beach, then the sand and rock and sky.

 Mom and Dad arrived this day. Looking fresh!
 Gabby with her brother and mom:
 We ate all our meals at the resort. It felt like a real pampering, not having to concern myself with what meals to prepare. Just come when you like and enjoy! (I must say, though, that after a few days I had a serious hankering for some american candy.) Left to right are: Teresa, Gabby, Chad, Chris, Doug, Dad, Mom, Leo, Ligia, and Tim.
 Chris and Doug catching up:
 Just downstairs from the lobby is where we made buddies with the concierge, Anthony. He was so wonderfully helpful to us. We had an incident on the 4th of July with our bank. We'd forgotten to notify them we'd be out of the country and to approve funds spent in Mexico. We were up a creek, but he set us up with his iPad and Magic Jack. Thank you, Anthony! (Not to mention Amber, who we frantically contacted and she did her best to help us out a couple of times while we were gone.)
 View from the main entrance into the lobby:
 From the lobby's balcony, overlooking one restaurant:
 On the balcony. We spent the majority of the week in our swimsuits. It was too hot to do anything else.
 The lobby. Lots of comfy seating and a great view of the resort, pool, ocean.
 One of the garden areas. We flew in and didn't see any grass. Lots of cactus and palms. There was grass at the resort, but everything was really well cared for. From what we understand, the hotels and resorts along the coast (there are tons of them!) are each required to have desalinators for all water they use. Pretty incredible if true!

 There were fireworks on the 4th. We had a great view from our back porch. I was definitely thinking of the kids back home, wondering what they were doing for the 4th. I know Janna and Amber took them earlier in the day to the West Jordan parade, which was so sweet. Later that evening, the babysitters took the kids down the street to our block party and enjoyed some of their own fireworks. But Matthew didn't love the fireworks. He snuggled up to the babysitter, covering his ears, and fell asleep. So glad they were able to celebrate, though! I know the older kids had a ball with neighbor friends.

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