Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Matthew's 2nd Birthday

Our sweet baby boy turned two! Boy, did those 2 years go quickly! He is learning so much and still such a joy for our family.
 We were thrilled to be able to celebrate, not just with Grandmas and Grandpas and Aunt Amber, but Blake and Maren and their boys were in town. That was pretty special. They are so good about making the effort to come regularly. Maren and my mom must have both kissed the Blarney Stone in their fomrer lives. They love visiting together.
 Grandma's getting her snuggle time with all her grandkids around.
 And Dad, ever the one taking all the candid shots from the background.
 Ella was probably showing Braden her LeapFrog. And he reciprocated by kindly sharing his (parents'!) iPad and games.

 Mira! Life of the party.
 I am trying to remember what the menu was. Hamburgers, hot dogs, fruit, salad, chips? Anyway, watermelon and chips and kids are satisfied.

 Chad took a cute video of Matthew's answer when asked, "How old are you?" "Two." (But in his adorable voice, of course.) And his looking around and pointing to grandpas saying, "Pah-hah."
 Maren, Brody, Blake
 Grandpa and Grandma Barnett, Mira, Amber, Colin:
 Grandma Miller and Ella:
 Micah, showing Braden his DS and probably "Plants vs. Zombies".
 Tearing into it with some help:
 Grandpa Barnett, the designated putter-togetherer.
 Matthew tried his darndest to get the ball into the hoop. Still just a little short for it at it's lowest setting. That's okay, I noticed the other kids were helping to break it in.
 A little motorcycle. He loves seeing them on the streets.
 A cool dump truck:

 And his 3 wheeled scooter. Many hands to guide him.
 Showing him all the noise-making buttons:
 Bball, baby!

 Happy Birthday, dear Matthew...

Matthew, you are changing every day! Here are some of the things you're doing:

*For Grandpa: "Pah-Hah"
*Colin: "Gallah"
*Micah: "Iycah"
*Mira: "Rah-Rah"
*Grandma: "Gamma"
*You've learned from your siblings to say, "Monster...Coming!"
*The other day we were swimming in the deep end of the pool and you pointed close to us and said, "It's...Coming!" I thought that was hilarious and don't know where you picked it up
*You love motorcycles, choo-choo trains, helicopters, and airplanes
*You sleep with Elmo and I'll walk in on you sleeping with one hand in his puppet mouth, and the other in his puppet hand. You like for Elmo to sit in the chair next to you during breakfas.
*If we turn off a light in a room you say, "Scary (Scaawy)" courtesy of your siblings
*When the boys are talking about Lagoon rides, you say, "Wicked!" (the ride)
*When we were gone for a week to Mexico, I don't think you missed us at all because you were well loved by the babysitter and your siblings. They were good to you.
*You can count to ten
*You like to identify your colors, although you sometimes get them wrong, you think it's most funny to purposefully do it and laugh
*Whenever you're by the computer, you demand "Elmo!" videos
*You love baths, but don't like to get your hair rinsed off
*You love dry cereal for a snack
*You rarely eat what's offered you at a meal. You'd rather have a spoon of peanut butter, or something that's probably not the most well-balanced. And we probably let you get away with it too much.
*You're starting to actually sit and listen to a story read
*You like to play catch with a ball, have help hitting a tennis ball with a racquet, etc.

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