Friday, July 27, 2012

Reunited with the Brothers in Cabo

Chris let us know months ago about his and Gabby's plan to have a destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Thrilled to have an excuse to meet up with my family and play, Chad and I booked out tickets. Doug flew the farthest from Germany. He had a day before anyone else arrived to adjust to the time difference. By the time we arrived, he'd already been out snorkeling and packing in what he could. I was so happy to see him.
 I love my brother to pieces.
 We were impressed by the resort. Blue skies and water, contrasted with the dry land was really beautiful. It makes for some good pictures. The weather was very hot and humid. In the 90's with close to 50% humidity. For us Utahns, it was kind of a killer.
 Here's the view from our room's front door. Everything's manicured and lovely.
 Doug, Chad, and Chris. Chris and Gabby had arrived a few hours before we did. It was great to be around a few of my favorite men.

 View from the resort looking out to the ocean.
 Beautiful evening.

 I kept thinking I'd get a picture of our room when it was all made up, but I never did! Our room was a sanctuary from the heat. We would be sweating, no matter what we did, and we'd walk into our air conditioned room. It was divine. The last couple of days I was totally spent and did my share of napping and relaxing here.

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