Saturday, August 18, 2012

Afternoon at Grandma and Grandpa's

It has been too long since we've been up to my parent's house in Mountain Green. The stars aligned for us on Thursday, and I took the kids over for the afternoon. Our excuse was to help cousin Michael Finelli get some household goods from my parents in order to set up his apartment at the University of Utah. While we were there, Mira made a point of telling us all about her loose tooth. Grandpa offered his services to pull it out. Not knowing any better, she agreed! I'll have to show the kids the home video of Dad pulling my tooth years ago. It took several tries before the pliers held in place and got out the tooth. Thankfully, Dad got one good yank and all Mira had to do was pull it out from the thread that was left holding it. Here is Dad, gaining Mira's confidence. Not touching her, just listening.
 Then, a little peek. "Oh, we can get this out, Mira."
 Getting a nice, solid grip.
 What you don't see here is the yank and the wail. The girl can scream bloody murder. You can see by her face that she was a little traumatized. And Matthew agrees. Mira's holding her itty-bitty baby tooth.
 Look at that smile, now!
 We hung around on Grandma and Grandpa's beautiful deck and enjoyed the view. Look at those cuties.
 They're getting so big. And I just love them so much.
 I don't know what we're discussing here, but I do look concerned, don't I?
 Precious things.

 I couldn't pick just one picture. How adorable is this? Does Ella look comfortable with her grandpa, or what? They're just relaxing. Dad's asking Ella exactly what she wants to be for Halloween. At first she told him Eowyn from Lord of the Rings. Then she said a Japanese dancer. Then finalized Eowyn. Grandpa was determined to get a final answer.

 That evening, we met at Michael's new apartment on 1300 E, just a couple of blocks from the U. It was fun to let the kids see what a apartment at university looks like. Not too long in the future we'll be sending off ours...sniff. Chris Finelli had mentioned he'd found out the Tabernacle Choir was rehersing for a birthday celebration for President Monson. He and Clare wanted to check it out. We all went over together and listened to about 45 minutes of it. It was definitely a rehersal, but the performances were amazing. Afterward, we just visited outside while the kids chased each other around. They're great people.
 Mom and Dad had taken the boys for an overnighter a few weeks ago, and promised to give the girls a turn. In preparation for seeing the grandkids, Dad bought himself an Angry Birds T-shirt. I think it's a hoot. What a sport. Here he is by all his gorgeous potted flowers on the deck:
 Mom and Dad
 The kids loved that he had the shirt. Especially Micah. He had to run and get his own Angry Birds shirt out of the dirty clothes to put it on for a picture.

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