Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Busy Day in Cabo San Lucas

Before we'd left for our trip, I had a few things I really hoped to do. One of them was parasailing. A bucket list item, you might say. Doug, Chad, and I had discussed earlier the possibilty of convincing Mom to join us on our adventures. It didn't take much convincing! She was up for it all.
 We chartered a little boat to take us out to the boat that would take up parasailing. So exciting!
 Chad, Doug, Mom, and me really enjoying the day.

 Mom, all geared up to go. I wonder what was going through her mind? Hee hee.
 Chad, relaxed and feeling fine.
 Doug, getting the Flip camcorder ready for Mom to take up on her ride.
 There she is. She did it!

 Recording Mom:
 Here, and Chad and I are harnessed up, ready for flight. Exciting!
 Up, up and away!

 It was very quiet and relaxing up there, actually. It's kind of like a gondola ride. Just taking in the sights. Doug is below:

 Mom, making friends on the boat.
 Yeah, baby! That was a perk, getting our feet dipped in the water.
 Wanting to share it with the kids. (And I've got a story behind the Flip camcorder. Another "vacation casualty." Luckily, we were able to retrieve our videos. But I think it's a goner.)
 We hung out on the beach too cool off in the water. Sun beating down, waves pounding, breeze blowing.
 Very happy!
 I don't think Doug knew I was actually shooting when he struck a pose.
 Now it's for real. Can I just say how much I love him? I can always trust I will have a really great time when travelling with Doug. He's adventurous, cheerful, and I love how he describes scenery and points out humorous situations. He's just an all-around pleasant person to be with. So very glad he made the trip. Just look at that smile.
He was so happy to share it with Mom.
View from the resort's restaurant:
And another:
From the lobby's balcony. I love how the palm trees make these spottled shadows. (That's Chris, Gabby, and Mom on the path.)
After some lunch, we headed out for a ziplining adventure. This particular place boasted eight ziplines, the longest being nearly 1/2 mile in length. We were pretty stoked for some speed. (Chad and Nicole)
(Doug and Mom.)
"Could you get a picture of Chad and me with the zipline in the background? ...Wait, Chad, let's get ourselves situated."
There we go.
Doug the stud.
You could also bungee. I am not quite there yet. Although there was a sign that declared "women bungee free naked." Tempting.
I wanted to get a shot of the zipline. It was seriously barren here. At the very bottom, in the ravine, there were some green palms, but other than that, lots of dry bushes, cactus, and sand.
For some of the ziplines we went single. Most of them were with a partner where you are laying with your body looking up to the sky, and your feet under your partner's armpits. A couple of them we went down backwards, looking upsidedown at our target. It was a rush. I'd do it again.

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