Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Day of School

Well, today I saw the kids off on their first day of the 2012 school year. We resumed our school routine with homemade breakfast and scripture study. The kids had time to kill before leaving for school and they were feeling pretty anxious. Ella told me, "It gives me those stomach feelings like when I'm on a rollercoaster." Colin said with exasperation, "I want to just get this over with!" They could hardly stand the wait.
 Ella's starting 2nd grade in the French Immersion program and Micah's starting 4th grade.
 Colin's got a great 6th grade year ahead of him.
 And our little Mira is looking forward to going to elementary school and being in Kindergarten.
 They've got some generous grandparents and are wearing some of their new duds they helped pick out with them.

 Micah is in class with our neighbor, Caleb Anglin. I'm hoping they'll get to know each other better and Micah can have a playmate right here in our neighborhood!
The kids' teachers are: Mira-Mrs. Clegg, Ella-Mrs. Christensen/Mrs. Vanier, Micah-Ms. Brown, Colin-Mrs. Pruyt. Parents got to choose their students' classes this year. That was exciting and challenging. But I am happy with the teachers they each have. It's going to be a great year!

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