Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Last Days of Summer

If you leave the hot chocolate container on the counter, you are just inviting a two year-old to help himself. Same thing goes with keys left on the counter. Toddler takes keys, gets into the van, locks the doors, misplaces keys, and has difficulty following instructions on how to unlock the door.
 Colin pulled out an electricity experiment he'd had for a while. The girls were very interested in what he was doing. He talked the through each step while he worked. Using 2 potatoes, he was able to make a clock operate.
 Chad took the girls to the University of Utah because the women's soccer team was hosting a clinic. The girls got to work with the players on some drills. Ella loved her player. She thought it was hilarious they got to dog pile her at the end.
 Mira's #8

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