Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Los Cabos

How good do these two look together?
 Very much in love!
 A whole group of us went on a boat tour of Los Cabos (the cape). In the group were Mom, Doug, Chris, Gabby, Tim and Teresa (friends of Chris and Gabby), Gabby's mom Ligia and her dad, brother, Chad and me.
That walk from the city bus drop off to the marina is a long, hot, humid one. Have I mentioned that? But it was worth it. Once we were on the catamaran with the ocean breeze, music, and scenery, it was terrific.
 We headed out to a place that had a large rock, around which were lots of fish. Good for snorkeling.
 We got some good video of Mom getting in the water and snorkeling around. No pictures, though we came to discover. It was relaxing on the ride back (other than my being really chilled for some time afterward). There was some loud party music. And although there was definitely a party atmosphere on the top of the boat, people were well-behaved and it was fun. People just letting loose, dancing, playing around.
 After the snorkeling we headed for Los Cabos, where the tip of the baja is.
 Isn't this a great one of parasailers above the rocks and ocean?
 Pelicans were to be seen all over. They're very used to people. We watched one shooed away from the restaurant area of our resort.
 The next day Doug, Chad, and I took a different excursion to Lover's Beach. You can see how the color goes from sand to green to lighter then darker blue. Gorgeous. Picture perfect. The rock formation you see just behind Chad is where we snorkeled. This was the best snorkeling we experienced. The fish there were especially colorful and more diverse. It was really neat.

 Opposite Lover's Beach was Divorce Beach. The walk to that side was hot, hot, hot. As we got closer to this side, we saw signs that made us chuckle. "Not to swim." The waves on this side crashed big and hard. Not wise at all to get in the water. But it was a great view! Here we are, midway between Lover's and Divorce Beaches. (I think the names are appropriate.)

 The rocks over here were really interesting. You could tell they'd been shaped by the water. They were smooth and rounded from being pounded by the waves.

 A moment of reflection on a rock overlooking Divorce Beach.
 Boy, would the kids have fun climbing all over these rocks! (I would have too, had it not been so scorching. At this point, I'm thinking about conserving energy.)

 Just look at that rock. Very cool.
 Walking back to Lover's. Right here there is a little "window" in these rocks from one beach to the other.
 Wading through nice, cool water.

 Here's the "window" where you can see from one beach to the other. The waves were crashing pretty hard around here because it's where the Pacific meets Sea of Cortez, which creates lots of white water.
 Taking our boat back to the marina.
 And a great view of the arch!

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