Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Melia Cabo Real

This was taken the day Doug was flying back to Germany. We'd had a complete blast together. I think we'd done everything we could have possibly hoped to. By this day, I was ready to just crash and hang around our air conditioned room or on a lounge chair by the pool. I know Doug was ready to see his family. He was armed with souvenier toys for the kids and a few colorful saris for Rachel.
 Since our time was drawing to a close, I wanted to go around and snap pictures so I'd remember. Here is a view from Mom and Dad's level down to the groomed area below.
 Coming from Mom and Dad's section toward the lobby, looking outward.
 We ate at this restaurant twice. The first time the meal was good. It arrived in those small portions we tend to make fun of. The second time was at Chris and Gabby's wedding dinner. (I won't go into how long it took for food to arrive.)
 Is that inviting, or what?
 Mom's in love with all bougainvillea. This is for you, Mom.
 Our room was the bottom right.
 View from our back door.

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