Sunday, August 12, 2012

Micah's Cub Scout Day Camp

On July 20th and 21st I (Chad) attended cub scout camp with Micah up Mill Creek Canyon. My church calling is the cub scout committee chairman. As part of my calling, I register and organize the boys and their parents in attending scout camp. I have been able to attend the last three years--two with Colin, two with Micah  (last year I attended one day with Colin, one day with Micah). This year we attended Cub Frontier Country on the first day and Galaxay Quest on the second day. Micah had a great time...having fun, being silly, getting dirty, and buying items at the trading post. Below Micah is walking on a log as part of an obstacle course. 
BB gun shooting was one of his favorite actitvities. What 9 year old boy wouldn't want to shoot a BB gun. "Don't shoot your eye out, kid."
Micah, focused on what the camp staff are saying or else drifting off into space...
Micah trying to do a pull-up. He was able to do a few.
Here he is inside a teepee.
At this activity the boys are working on a cool necklace with beads and arrow heads. Micah likes this type of activity.
We went on a hike to explore plantlife. He actually learned a few things. He can locate lamb's ear...he found some on a little camp trip we did this last weekend.
These one vs one games produced a lot of dirt kicked up into the air and all over their clothes, shoes, and faces.
 This parachute game produced a lot of craziness.
Panning for the literal sense. Some of the boys thought that it was real gold and that they had a few hundred dollars worth.

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