Sunday, August 12, 2012


A friend's blog post gave me a great idea. Let the kids have at painting the windowed doors with fingerpaints! I saved this for a day when I just had the younger three at home, since I have just two doors to be used. The girls were thrilled at the idea! I noticed soon after they'd started that Mira was more interested in painting her hands than the windows.
 Ella was hard at work painting a lovely landscape.
 Look at those things!
 ("I can't believe Mom's letting us paint the doors!")
Who is that streaking by?
 Mira, still working on the hands. Ella, focused on her painting.
"Nah-hew" (as he calls himself) loves to turn the water off and on, off and on whenever he's in the backyard. Sometimes I'll just end up stripping him down and let him go. It's pretty adorable!
 Matthew gractiously allowing his sister use of the water--very temporarily!
 Momma looking on.
 More tushie!
 Ella's making progress on her door.
The boys had been out for part of the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa Barnett, camping at Echo. They had a great time swimming, fishing (Colin cleaned and gutted his first fish, thanks to Grandpa's guidance!), and playing. Micah had to deal with a painful bee sting that aggravated him the entire trip. Grandma took charge and got him some anti-itch cream and Benedryl. When the boys walked in the house and saw the girls' artwork, they were appalled. "You let them paint on the door?! Wash it off! That's so embarrassing." Oh, boys.

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