Sunday, August 5, 2012


Although I don't have pictures to share with this post, I wanted to document the boys' piano/violin recital. I was at the Oliphant family reunion when they had it, but Chad took some video of Colin and Micah, which I won't post here. (Since we print up our blog each December, still pictures and words are what I'm going for.) The recital was held at Day-Murray Music. Grandma Barnett and Aunt Amber came to show their support. Micah played "In Dreams" from "Lord of the Rings" soundtrack. It's a song he's been excited about, seeing as how he's a big "Rings" fan. (He wants to be Frodo Baggins for Halloween!)

Colin was busy for this recital. His piano song was "Bumble Boogie." He was in a violin/piano duet "Concerto in D Major". His piano teacher, Denise Matthews accompanied him on piano. She wanted to show off his violin skills. He performed another violin/piano duet "Christophi's Dream." The grand finale was "Stars and Stripes Forever" which he's performed several times now with his group.

So proud of my boys and the time they put into their instruments. It certainly can be a pain for them to practice, but they enjoy the times they can perform and enjoy the result of their efforts. Nice job, boys!

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