Wednesday, August 1, 2012

San Jose

The day before we left Cabo we took one last trip. Chad and I boarded the city bus for San Jose, a historic town with an old mission and an art district. The bus ride there was a trip. After finding a seat, the bus takes off (speed limits meant nothing here), windows and doors open for some air flow. This man comes around collecting bus fare and handing out tickets. He had with him his son, about 12 years old. He was in training. It was neat to watch his dad tutor him in the ways of collecting bus fare. This moment I had to grab a photo because the bus is hurtling along the sometimes very bumpy road. He's standing right by the open door, keeping his balance with his elbows while counting change. Not to mention the bus drivers who count change and text while driving. It was a little unnerving. ("Where are the laws around here?!")
 We were treated to great views on our bus ride.
 I love to people watch. I looked around, wondering what jobs they each have, what kind of home they are returning to, and what their meal will be that night. And do they sweat as much as I am?
 Once we got into San Jose, we transfered buses. This cracked me up. The buses are old Blue Bird buses. School buses that must have once been U.S. school buses. No longer up to snuff of US standards. Sold to Mexico (I'm assuming all this by the state of the bus) to be used for public transportation. Totally normal. But, hey, it got us where we needed to go and money was made, right?
 Taking the bus...
 In San Jose our first stop was at the local municipal building. It was historic. A family used to live here.
 You walk through the main doors and come to this courtyard. Pretty neat. We chatted with a local who spoke great English and a policeman. It was comical, trying to teach him how to say "bathroom". The 'th' didn't come easily. But he got me back by trying to trip me up with some Spanish tongue twister that went something like "pajarocopitopitaticoo...something."
 The mission was the main focus of our coming. I loved this huge tree. There was a cute couple sitting under it, on the bench. Just for us, they made a big deal of giving a smooch while a took this picture. We all laughed.
 The mission.
 There happened to be Mass when we got there, so we never went inside.
 That's all right.
 We went on down to the art district. Many of the shops had closed for the day, but several were still open and we walked through and saw some cool things. But we got our artsy-fartsy fill (especially Chad!). These men were chitchatting, I'm sure enjoying some down time outside this restaurant. They graciously posed for me. They're adorable and I loved the blue walls.

 On the way back to catch the bus we happened upon a local soccer game. We sat in for a bit.
 There was a large supermarket close, for which I was truly grateful. I went on a hunt for peanut M&Ms. I'd missed my american treats!
 The next day it was time for us to head back. It seemed to be a drawn-out process, going through a thoroughly inefficient luggage check at the Mexican airport. Then sitting around a non air conditioned airport, waiting for our flight. In Dallas we got to go through customs--my personal favorite. But finally I caught a glimpse of home through my little window. It was a wonderful and memorable vacation. And I was so ready to be home.

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Marsha said...

What an amazing trip! Thanks for sharing, I feel like I got to go too...without all the heat and humidity.