Sunday, August 12, 2012

Thumper Bun-Bun Barnett

Welcome to the family! I'd been giving pets a lot of thought lately. Especially since I hear plaintive whining about how much we need a pet because Tiger has never been heard from. A couple of times recently, Mira would literally be in tears, terribly upset about Tiger's absence. I think pets are wonderful, but I also know my limitations right now. I need something cuddly and sweet, but low-maintenance. Introducing our Netherland Dwarf bunny! I've done my research, and this was the one for us. We went to a local breeder's home and checked out all the teeny-tiny bunnies. The kids held them all and picked out this beaut. We paid for him, but had to wait a week to take him because the woman weans them at five weeks. It gave us time to pick up all the gear and choose a good spot for him.
 He started out in Micah's room, but that changed after a week. He wanted to have power to prohibit visitors in his room, but with the family pet in there, it wasn't working. So now Bun-Bun is in our basement living room, tucked away in a cool corner. And guess who does most of the cleaning up after him? I'm sure I don't need to tell you. He's so sweet and won't get any larger than 2-3 pounds. But I'm thinking he'll be more like 3 with all the celery, carrots, and lettuce we indulge him with. He's already a lot bigger than he was when we first brought him home. We'll let him out of the cage to scamper around in the basement. What a cutie!

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