Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wedding Day

 Eveningtime came and we gathered at the resort for Chris and Gabby's wedding. What an exciting time. So glad we could all be there together. (Rachel, you were missed.)
 I love how happy we all look. We all felt it, too.
 The sun didn't care that it was a special day. Even the groom was feeling the heat.
 But it didn't faze him. Doesn't his face radiate joy?
 Such a beautiful location for a wedding. Just breathtaking.
 Gabby's brother and dad chat with Chris before the wedding. Chris has been learning Portuguese. He gets right in there and isn't shy about communicating with the family. I think it's great. It'll be interesting to see how his language develops over the years...
 Mom and Dad

 Chris and Gabby with her side of the family.
 The man who officiated the wedding did great. Doug got to be the interpreter. He stood up front and repeated in English what the man said. (Thankfully, for some of us gringos.)
 After the ceremony, some of the party headed down to the beach for some really beautiful wedding shots.
 The rest of of stayed up top and relaxed in the shade. Look at the content look on Mom's face. I love it.
 Mr. Blue Eyes.

 Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Miller!
 We gathered around the fire for drinks (ours being Sprite and Shirley Temples). I don't really have words to describe this part of the evening. It was just so nice and relaxing. And so wonderful to be able to share this with Chris and Gabby. This dance reminds me that when Gabby was escorted by her father to be married, the traditional wedding music was interrupted by "Tootsie Roll" and she and her father boogied their way down the aisle. Funny!
 Gabby's wonderful. She's fun and lively and they seem like a great fit.

 We had a meal in the open restaurant, although it was stifling even though the sun had gone down. But relaxing with family and friends helped.

 Cutting the cake:
 The wedding cake.

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