Sunday, September 30, 2012

Chad's 36th Birthday

We invited grandparents, Aunt Amber, and Michael Finelli over for dinner and a little birthday cake and ice cream for Chad. (Mom and Dad unfortunately couldn't make it. We must have given them the sickness that kept Micah home from school for 4 days.) He's going to have to shop for his own birthday gift because he's been absolutely no help with suggestions in that department.
 Some of the crew:
 After the food, the playing begins. Some soccer for Colin (always).
 Jumping on the tramp with Cousin Michael. Man, do the kids worship him! One of them tonight declared him their favorite person in the world. So cute! He is so sweet with the kids and they had a blast on the trampoline, getting bounced, doing tricks.

 Matthew begged, "Jump wiss (with) us?" But we explained that only the big kids were on right now.

 Michael did talk to him, though.
 Last night the girls wanted to try out our new foam rollers. I remember using the pink foam rollers as a girl, sleeping in them. They loved the look of them just being rolled in their hair. However, this morning, as I'm taking our Mira's, she was shocked at how kinky her hair was. I explained that Fancy Nancy's hair is super curly (this is who she wants to be for Halloween). We got it all sorted out, and got off to church for the Primary program. The kids did awesome. So much so that I was rather surprised. Pleasanty. One thing I love is looking up and seeing Mira's bright face, looking right back at me, singing her heart out. I have her rapt attention the entire time. Ella had her scripture memorized and did a fantastic job. Micah knew his part, and Colin was just happy to know this was his last year being in the Primary program. Love those kids!

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Babelicious said...

I know I'm only 37, but 36 now sounds so young. I love the girls in their curlers. We do a lot of those around our house too.