Sunday, September 30, 2012

Field Trip with Flat Stanley

My cousin's daughter, Corinne Pierson, sent us Flat Stanley to take on some adventures. When we've documented our trips, we're supposed to send back pictures. Think, think, think! Where in our great state to take Flat Stanley? What will third graders be interested in? We stopped by the Olympic Oval (which happens to be right next door to my gym) and snapped a shot:
 After kindergarten, Mira joined us up to the Bingham Copper Mine, the largest open pit mine in the world. It is quite a sight. Here they are next to a tire belonging to the massive trucks used there.
 Overlooking the mine:

 Inside the visitor's center, Matthew especially loved these model trucks and tractors.
 We spent a little time checking out different minerals under the microscope:
 And the next day we treated Flat Stanley to a Saturday morning full of soccer games! (Colin scored a couple of goals, Mira did awesome, and Ella told me she doesn't like to get right in the middle of the herd because she gets kicked right above her shin guard and that hurts.)

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Marsha said...

I am pretty jealous of Flat Stanley. I would love to be small enough to be mailed to exciting places.