Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mira's *For Real* First Day of School

It's been a long wait for Mira to join her brothers and sister in elementary school. And these last nine days in which she's watched her siblings go off to start their new year, being left behind, have made her more anxious to start. Oh, and the fact that she's had to save her new school clothes for her first day.
 I had to get the full-body shot with the shoes with rainbow laces and the heart socks she chose to top off the outfit. Doesn't she look adorable?
 Mira and her teacher, Mrs. Clegg. I've heard wonderful things about her. After her assessment, Mira declared Mrs. Clegg the prettiest and nicest teacher in the whole school.
 The new kindergarteners are waiting in line to head into the class. All the parents had to wait outside the fence. All the cameras and parents calling out goodbye was very sweet. It's the start of something big! I'm leaving now to pick her up. I hope she had a really wonderful day and met some cute friends. Most of the kids in our neighborhood her age are already in first grade. I'm hoping we find a buddy she can pal around with some afternoons.

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Babelicious said...

She's darling, but I couldn't believe this is Mira...she's so grown up. What happened??