Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Great Salt Lake

In all the years I've lived in Utah, I have never actually tried to float in the Great Salt Lake. It's about time, right? So spur of the moment (which actually means, I had the idea in the morning, wanted to run and do it right that minute, but had to come back home, help the kids do all their chores, pack food, get swimsuits, towels, diapers, etc. before taking off in the afternoon), we hop in the car and head over to SaltAir, where the admission is cheap! The kids were stoked. Micah had just been learning about the lake in his fourth grade class. We drilled Colin on his knowledge of Jim Bridger and his discovery of the lake (which he thought was the Pacific Ocean). I'm sure this is one of the last days we could do this, what with the weather getting cooler.
 We brought Flat Stanley along for the experience, too. He floats!
 The water is shallow for a very long distance. But Colin tested out the floating theory in shallow water. Sure enough, floating is a cinch!
 Mira demonstrates:
 There they are, walking out in the distance, and it's still shallow. There were sailboats out, a couple of other small boats, and one paddleboarder.
 Mira's playing in the sand. Matthew word of the day was "Disgusting!" which he said every time he played with the mud, which was a lot.
 More floating. The lake sustains only brine shrimp and brine flies (lovely, we know). You could see the little brine shrimp all over, dead and alive. Micah had brought a plastic container, which he used to collect the water and some shrimp to bring to class Monday to show to his class. (Hopefully there are still some living by then.) Micah taught us that the Great Salt Lake is 13% salt, whereas the ocean is only 3%. We had dried salt crusted to our bodies and suits. Any microscopic cuts you may have feel the effects of the salt immediately. As the kids said, "We're glad we did this so we know what it's like. But we don't think we want to do it again."
 Yeah, baby.
 Micah and Colin showing that, even holding onto one another, they float without effort.

 Colin and Matthew are checking out the brine shrimp. I'm sure Matthew is telling Colin how "disgusting" the sand is. Colin is so sweet to him.
 Micah, Ella, and Mira took off, way off in the distance to try to scare off a whole flock of seagulls.
Thanks for the memory, Great Salt Lake!

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Marsha said...

I still haven't tried this, but it sounds cool and "disgusting".