Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Littles

These are just a few shots I took around the house. Mira was heading out the door for soccer practice. The girls are in the habit of wearing their shin guards on the outside of their socks because they say it's more comfortable that way. Mira's smile tells you how she feels about soccer. She is aggressive and goes after that ball! This past Saturday she scored three goals. I mentioned to her once that maybe she'll play soccer in high school. Since then, she's declared that's exaclty what she plans on doing. She is one fun little chica.
 Our Ella is way into reading now. She's always loved books, but now she's more confident in reading on her own. Lately she's loving comics. Garfield, Fox Trot, Calvin and Hobbes (my personal favorite). There are sometimes tiffs over those books if one person feels they've laid claim to it and another picks it up. Such a smartie.
 Out little cute little stinker. Today Chad started to tickle Matthew, and Matthew told him, "Daddy stinker." He can speak in complete sentences, and is great at communicating what he wants (or doesn't when it comes to food, especially). Love that boy!

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