Monday, October 22, 2012

Goblin Valley

Goblin Valley was a place I'd heard of other families visiting. Reports were that it was a lot of fun for kids to run around and explore. So, with UEA weekend (Utah Education Association) coming up, Chad and I decided to include it in our little family camping trip. I'm so glad we did! Although we only spent one day there, we could have done another if we'd been able to secure a campsite right inside the park. The campground there is really neat, right up against the goblins (mushrooms, gnomes, whatever you want to call them).
 I guess, because it's a state park, we had a little more freedom to run around and be hands-on with everything. The kids said numerous times that this park was their favorite. It's different than, say, Grand or Bryce canyons, where so many sites are "look with your eyes only."
 The first non-natives to discover this area were cowboys, out looking for cattle. I wonder what they must have thought when they came upon this. It's quite a sight! The sandstone is easily cut through by wind and water. We rubbed our hands against the rocks, and noticed how easily dirt would come away.
 Matthew demonstrates his jumping and then spitting. I don't know who started it, but Matthew's big into spitting now. Watching his spit fall to the ground, blowing raspberries at someone (usually one of the other kids) if he wants to be left alone... So, below, he's fascinated by his spit falling into the dirt.

 Micah, Ella, Mira, Colin, and Chad exploring
 Our happy little boy!
 Big brother Colin being awesome with Matthew. Colin was a big help on this trip. He helped set up the tent, get things organized, and would take Matthew if we needed him to. It was wonderful!
 Ella gives Goblin Valley an enthusiastic thumbs-up.

 At one point Ella got a splinter in her hand. And it uset her a great deal. There was no ignoring it. So Ella and I went off by ourselves to work through getting it out. (And that takes some convincing!) Once we finished, the others had taken off, so Ella and I went to explore. She led the way. We though this rock formation looked like a dog with its head turned away from us. Ella's sitting on its tail.
 Then Ella decided there were so many perfect fairy homes. She flitted around, telling me we were fairies. She is so creative and it was fun to watch. Below are some sample homes she loved.

  And who is that little person on top of those goblins?
Micah, of course!
 The campground we were able to secure was about 30 minutes from Goblin Valley. As evening wore on, it got chilly quickly. Chad was our man when it came to fire building.
 Matthew and Daddy
We're thinking we need to make a tradition out of camping in parks each UEA weekend (along with lots of other families, we discovered!). Next year we're thinking maybe we'll do Capitol Reef, or Dead Horse, or Canyonlands... so many choices!

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Marsha said...

This is a fun place for kids (and adults) to run around in. Great new tradition.