Saturday, October 27, 2012

Micah's Halloween Party

Micah hosted a Halloween party for a few friends. I told him as long as he was in charge of it all, I was fine with it. He had just a few requests of me: cookies, Cheetos, brownies, donuts, apple cider (which I bought, but he was unhappy with because he'd meant sparkling cider), and popcorn. He also asked that I make slime for them. I thought, "It's an overload of junk, but why the heck not?" Here are Ella (hiding mysteriously), Caleb Anglin (white shirt), Strider Fountaine (very back), Cooper Hutchinson, Jackson Pearce (mask), Micah, and Orion Badger.
 Going at all the junk:
Micah and Colin set up a haunted basement with sharp-toothed animals eating other animals, warning signs, scary baby, etc. They had a cd with spooky sounds playing. I stayed upstairs while they took the friends through it. But I could hear them from upstairs! They watched "Monster House," which had good reviews and the kids all really liked it. Success!

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