Sunday, October 14, 2012

October Days

Terrible Two's? No such thing. Matthew is an absolute joy; just look at him!
 First thing in the morning, I go into his room and we say to each other, "Good Morning!" and give big hugs. When we go into the garage to leave, he likes to push the button and watch the garage door go all the way up. (Mechanical engineer in the making?) He buckles himself up with almost no help. He requests to go outside and be pushed on the swing and then asks, "Jump wiss us?" which means I get on the tramp and we bounce holding hands. His little run/gallop just tickles me. I am constantly reminded what a blessing it is to have each child in our family. One of our neighbor families just experienced heartbreaking tragedy when their toddler was accidentally killed this last week. Never again in this life will they get to see his chubby little legs carry him running toward them, his shrieks of laughter, or his snuggles. They've been on my mind constantly and every time I look at one of my own, I remember to count my blessings.
Micah had his little friend, Cooper Hutchinson, over to play. They had this little paper game they were playing (kind of like the ones we had as kids where you fold up paper, switch it open and closed with your fingers, and choose your "destiny" by selecting 1, 2, 3, or 4 and so on). I was quietly laughing to myself in the other room as I listened to their options: "Tell a girl you think she's cute," "Ask, 'Will you go out with me?'" "Say, 'Wassup, cutie?" Funny boys.
And Cooper's sister, Rylee came to join the girls in some pretend/play house/princess playing. They can get lost in their play for a long time. Or until someone comes out crying, "They won't let me play" or something like that. But they are cute.
Colin has been thinking Halloween for some time. Here he is, mapping out his course for Halloween night. He and Micah plan on hitting as many houses as possible. Grandma Miller told him about how she would go out trick-or-treating as a kid, get so much candy she'd have to stop off at home to unload and go back out for more. Colin thought that was a brilliant plan.
Both Mira Catherine and Ella got to be the Spotlight/VIP (respectively) for their classes. They each put together a poster board with pictures, captions, and artwork. It's always fun when you get to be the center of attention and feel so special.
One day, while the older three were still in school, I suggested we head over to the playground and have a picnic lunch. I was met with enthusiasm over that! They both rode their scooters, although Mira had a hard time being patient with Matthew's pace. He'd ride for a few feet, get tired or distracted, and have to stop. My favorite is when he'd suddently stop, get off the scooter, get down on the ground on his belly, cup his hands around a part of the sidewalk, and say, "What's that?" I think he thought there would be an insect he could inspect. If he wasn't trying to find insects, his legs would get too tired and he'd need a walking break. Mira would turn around and yell, "Sheesh, Matthew! You're so slow!"
 Ms. Speed Demon:
 On our way with our gorgeous Wasatch Mountains in the background, all turning beautiful fall colors.
 Aunt Geri (my dad's sister) stopped by with my mom for a quick visit. She was on a driving trip from southern California, through Las Vegas, to Mountian Green, up to Casper, Wyoming, and back through again to make stops for family all the way.  And all solo. Pretty impressive!
 Here she is with all of us:
 And now Mom:
 Ella's started participating in a choral group which has some neat performing opportunities, the first of which was to sing the National Anthem for the Utah Grizzlies ice hockey team on their opening night. Outside the stadium was a huge hot air balloon which the kids thought was pretty awesome. Matthew, on the other hand, was terrified of the sound when the hot air was being blown into the balloon. This picture captures that:
 Ella is warming up with her group before the game:
 Mom and Dad met us there. We haven't ever taken the kids to an ice hockey game before. It was a lot of fun. At one point, there was a fist fight on the ice which captured Colin and Micah's attention. Mira was boogeying during times when they were playing music and she got on the big screen twice. She was pretty stoked about that!
 Colin at his first ice hockey game. Oh, and Micah told me today he wants to be a professional ice hockey player. Hm, maybe we'd better try ice skating first?
 Matthew and Chad:
 Ella's choral group out on the ice ready to go:
 For weeks, Micah's been begging for crepes. I love them too (with cream cheese and jam in the middle), but they're a little time-consuming. But today was his lucky day! He was a happy boy.
 And Ella's been telling me she wants to learn to make breakfast. So she decided on waffles. She helped me mix the ingredients and took over a lot of the work with the waffle iron. So, yes, we went through a lot of syrup this morning.
Mira accidentally made her wiggly tooth super wiggly, haning by a thread. She was pretty upset by how it interfered with life and I finally convinced her to let me just yank it out. It came out like a charm and she was so thrilled. And our tooth fairy was so on top of things that night she actually came and delivered 4 quarters before Mira woke up. We were very proud of her. (Mira and the tooth fairy.)

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Marsha said...

I think my niece got Matthew's dose of the Terrible Twos making her twice as naughty. Hee, hee.

You and your kids seem to keep pretty busy. I love all the fun activities you do!