Saturday, November 17, 2012

Disney on Ice

For Mira's sixth birthday, Mom and Dad bought 4 tickets to Disney on Ice. Dad suggested we make a girls' day out of it by having me go in his place. Thank you! This was a much anticipated event by the girls. Although Mira doesn't have any solid ideas for birthday gifts, this was just something extra-special and girlie to make a birthday one to be remembered.
 We couldn't believe the seats we got. Front and center. Talk about spoiled! It was exciting being so close. Ella and Mira were enthralled the entire time. I particularly enjoyed being close enough to watch the skaters, see their faces, and watch their chests heave at the end of a song. They worked so hard and made it look so smooth.
 Special day with Grandma.
The costuming, set design, and choreography were amazing, as anything Disney is. I was so impressed.

 Just look at the look on this girl's face. I'd brought a couple of treats for the girls, and this lollipop looked so Disney to me, it was fun watching Ella work on it all during the performance.
 One happy birthday girl!
 Ella barely putting a dent in that huge thing.
 Me and my girl:
 Mom wanted to treat us to something special afterwards, and she suggested "The Chocolate," a dessert cafe that recently opened up in West Jordan. Mom got a German chocolate cupcake, Ella got a double chocolate cupcake, Mira got a chocolate chip cookie, and I got a turtle brownie (unanimously agreed to be the best dessert purchased). Mira wanted to do some birthday planning talk. She's firm on having a gymnastics birthday party. Yikes! Now I've got to get on my A-game and do some planning!


Maren and Blake said...

SO SO SO FUN. This is why I want a girl. What a great day out.

Marsha said...

Perfect girls night out! "The Chocolate" sounds like my kind of hang out. We should go there sometime.