Friday, November 23, 2012

The End?

As I went to publish my last entry before sending this year's blogs to print, I was confronted with an ugly message from Blogger, "Oops! You've reached the image limit and cannot upload any more pictures to Blogger" (without paying a monthly fee). So I don't know what I'm going to do. I guess the book will be without Thanksgiving pictures this year.

But it was a great Thanksgiving. Jana, Alan, Amber, Mom, Dad, and Michael Finelli came to our place. Mom and Dad showed up a little early to help me get things set up and ready for the 1:00 Thanksgiving dinner. It was really enjoyable, and made such a difference having extra hands to help. Once everyone was served, Colin read for us George Washington's Thanksgiving Proclamation. We then went around the table and said what we were grateful for. And I quizzed everyone on some basic Thanksgiving facts.

After dinner, some of the men went downstairs to catch a little of the football game. Monopoly was going on upstairs with both grandmas and the kids. Once Chad showed up, he was the enforcer of the rules. He likes to know the rules and to be sure everyone is playing by them. Ha ha! One day our children will realize how lucky they are that they get both sets of grandparents to spend Thanksgiving with all together. Pretty great that the grandmas sit around, laughing and playing together with them. Makes it extra-special.

We so miss those family members who are far away: Chris and Gabby; Doug and Rachel, Theron, Grant, Kate, Paige, and Juliette; Blake and Maren, Braden, Brody, and Hunter. We're comforted in knowing they all are happy and well. Our family is wonderful.

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Marsha said...

Is this really the end? :(