Sunday, November 24, 2013

Getting the Girls

One funny moment from today:

Micah got a talking-to regarding irreverent behavior at church today. When asked why he behaved like that in Primary, he responded, "Well, I know I'm not going to get girls because of my looks, so that's why I act silly. I want to make them laugh." Where did he come up with that?! I do not know, but it certainly has given me the giggles. He cracks me up sometimes! (By the way, I thnk he is a very nice looking fellow, besides having a great personality!)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Caring for Matthew

 How different life is now, compared to what it was five years ago. Then, my oldest was 7, and my youngest was just 1. I wouldn't have dared to go anywhere and leave them at home. When we did head out, there were car seats, booster seats, diaper bags, sippy cups, and snacks to be sure. And we wouldn't have wanted to interrupt naptime. At the time, it seemed I would always have a diaper bag slung over my shoulder.
And now, in that short amount of time, it is so easy for me to up and run an errand, or for Chad and me to have a date night. Colin babysits all the kids on a regular basis. Micah, Ella, and Mira are responsible for Matthew when I run smaller errands. They are dependable. Matthew is very used to being at home with his older siblings caring for him. In these pictures, Colin gathered a few random dress-up items and put them on Matthew, dubbing him "Knight Matthew".

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Micah Receives Arrow of Light

 We were looking forward to sharing a special evening with Micah when he received his Arrow of Light. He, along with his den, and especially his dad, worked hard so he could achieve this. Above, he is getting his face painted in colors to represent different aspects of Scouting. Below, he is greeted by Brother Vince Kanagae and Colin for the Boy Scouts. We can see Tyler Harris and Max Johnson waving "Goodbye!"
 He received this beautiful plaque (the name had to be fixed). He loves it. Here he is, acting stoic. We love our Micah.


For Family Home Evening, we carved pumpkins. This task becomes less overwhelming as the kids get older and become more capable of scooping out their own pumpkins, and even carving them, in some cases. This means Chad and I aren't responsible for carving 5 pumpkins on our own, with guidance from under-12's.
They so look forward to this. They planned out what face they wanted, and which pumpkin they'd carve out. Even Ella worked on hers alone with just a little help from Dad at Activity Days earlier in the week.

Thank goodness Matthew is happy with simple shapes for his face! Micah's was more complicated, following a pattern, pieces breaking off, and the carving running into difficulty.

Here they are with their pumpkins! (Except for Micah, who was wholly unhappy with his finished product. Sorry, buddy! We tried!)
Above: Miss Bentley (Micah's teacher), and Mira during their Halloween parade at school. I love that all these parents come to support the kids. We sit and get to watch all the kids from the school parade through the gym in their varied costumes.
One of Colin's biggest holidays is Halloween. (The other is 4th of July because of the fireworks!) He'd been planning for months what he could make, how much money he needed to save to buy decorations, spray paint, etc. And he really went to work! He was so creative and I was proud of everything he accomplished. I know he was really wanting to get all the decorations up earlier, but a lot of them were still left undone the night before Halloween. So he and I went outside and got to work. He made signs, strung lights, hung up decorations, and put the whole thing together.
 Above is Mrs. Heinecke, Mira's teacher. Below is Micah the werewolf.
 M. Legrand, Ella's French teacher.
 Ella, dressed as a rock star:
 Below are the four kids before leaving for school. I had a great picture of Colin with his 11 pounds of candy at the end of the night. He had it all sorted. It was amazing how much he and Orion got!
 At the end of the night, the girls, along with our neighbor, Victoria, closed themselves in their bedroom and sorted through their stash. They were happy with the results!
 Mr. Matthew ready (or not) for Trick-or-Treating!
Here we are with the end results of all of Colin's hard work. He even convinced his siblings to chip in some money to help buy the black grim reaper, hanging from the light fixture. He had a CD player hidden in the leaves, playing really spooky music.

 Above is the whole crew (minus Colin and Orion, Micah, and Mom...who is taking the picture). Fun!

 All the little touches...

 Colin and Orion. Those two had a map of the neighborhood and had planned out exactly which route they were taking, and how many houses they'd get. Colin brought along his backpack with water bottle and carrots. A true Bear Grylls!

Father/Son Overnighter

 This summer Colin and Micah went to a father-son overnighter at Willard Bay. Apparently, there was shooting (what boy wouldn't have fun with that?), good food, and playing in the water.

 Since it's been months since this happened, I don't remember hearing much about it.